My research focuses on how characteristics (features) of social information and communications technologies (ICTs) impact people’s lives across various contexts (such as business and education). As social media become increasingly ubiquitous, understanding their impact helps us to make better decisions about their use. Through my work, I hope to be able to contribute actionable guidance to the design and development of ICTs, as well as to help practitioners in organizations and education make informed decisions as to how to utilize the most appropriate technology for a given task. I am also interested in the evolution of information-related disciplines. My work has been published in journals including the Association for Information Systems Transactions on Human-Computer Interaction and Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology; and has been presented at the EDSIG Conference on Information Systems and Computing Education, International Conference on Information Systemsthe Pacific Conference on Information Systemsthe Academy of Management Annual Meeting, and iConfere

I have taught numerous courses within Information Science and Computer Science including: Information Design and Presentation, Human-Computer Interaction, Overview of Computer Science, Information System Structures, Business Ethics and Social Issues in Computing, Software Engineering, Information and Decision Support Systems, and more. I am extremely passionate about being a successful educator, that is, one who helps students succeed both within and outside of the classroom. The art of teaching is a service activity, and I strive hard to ensure my students are equipped with the proper tools, knowledge, ideas, and approaches to tackle real-world problems. I’m also a champion for diversity, and actively seek incorporate diverse perspectives and voices in the classroom through discussions, activities, and assignments that allow students to reflect on their experiences, identity, and interests (or concerns) in relation to specific topics in class. 



2014   Ph.D. Information Science and Technology
Syracuse University (Syracuse, NY)

School of Information Studies (iSchool)
: Dr. Ping Zhang
Dissertation: Understanding The Use and Impact of Social Media Features on The Educational Experiences of Higher-Education Students in Blended and Distance-Learning Environments

2006   M.S. Information Design and Technology
SUNY Institute of Technology (Utica, NY)

Thesis Adviser: Dr. Kathryn Stam
Thesis: Participant Interaction and Social Exchange-Centered Design in Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games: A Qualitative Study of Furcadia

1999   B.A. Communication Arts with a Minor in French
Utica College of Syracuse University (Utica, NY)